Review: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 3 Episode 8 “Kimmy Does a Puzzle!”

Positioning four of the main characters in one setting should provide an abundance of laughter and strong character moments, however, unfortunately for most of this episode, Tina Fey’s writing struggles to surprise or say anything particularly meaningful. There is an attempt to discuss the idea of everyone having a ‘missing piece’ and the need for support, but this becomes confused amongst the plethora of side remarks and repetitive throwbacks to Kimmy’s bunker days. Titus’ story about his experiences on the ship is largely predictable and I felt Maya Rudolph’s performance as Dionne Warwick was completely as one would expect, with Rudolph’s parody coming across as too forced and on the nose. I feel I have seen that exact same performance from other actresses playing other similar figures. The episode’s ending also dilutes any consequence for Titus’ character arc, as Kimmy’s need to support others, though strong in terms of her character, resolves Titus’ wish to be a better person too quickly. 7/10


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