Review: Bloodline Season 3 Episode 2 “Part 25”

Although there are certainly aspects of this episode that feel repetitive and transitional, relying heavily upon exposition, it clearly asserts the season’s direction by reinforcing a compelling moral examination. John Rayburn is split, like many characters, between his loyalty to his family, and to the law and order his family has been traditionally associated with. This isn’t a new idea for the show, but it’s one this episode perfectly encapsulates as finally it feels the entire family is involved, and those that are innocent are declining. The cast of characters are extremely well positioned with their own lingering relationships, accusations and perspectives. It is less a mystery of who is going to go down for it all, and more a question of what ramifications it will have for the Rayburn family. What future do these characters have when their morality is in such a degraded state? Again, this isn’t new, but the sense of urgency and stakes created gives the thematic resonance new life.


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