Review: Fargo Season 3 Episode 6 “The Lord of No Mercy”

The twist at the centre of this episode provides this season with a much-needed pulse, pulling ‘Fargo’ from its entertaining but slightly muted and meandering state and effectively drawing its crime stories together. The goal of the show is now clear and what should unravel over the next four episodes has suddenly become not just intriguing, but exciting. The tension returns as does the show’s sense of urgency and grandeur. While all of the characters certainly have trademark notes, from Varga’s excellent monologues to Emitt’s confused sense of loyalty, more still needs to be done to cement characterisation and relationships. At many moments throughout the season they feel like individual parts within a much wider vehicle rather than reliant upon each other. Hopefully this episode will change that and continue to escalate the stakes. 9.1/10


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