Review: Fargo Season 3 Episode 5 “The House of Special Purpose”

Despite ending on a harrowing note, enforcing the notion that it is Ray and Nikki that the viewer cares about due to their relatable, down-to-earth, ‘small town’ vibe and personalities, this episode continues this season’s trend of not really accomplishing anything. David Thewlis is incredible in his role, but the mystery of Varga and the semi-philosophical, supposedly thematically enriching dialogue he and his goons provide is becoming tiring and just boring. While I like the idea of small town antics in a corporate world, this season is too disjointed with each character fighting for screen-time for it to work properly. Again, that is not to say anything is bad with this show because it isn’t. Technically ‘Fargo’ remains miles ahead of most television, and in terms of creating atmosphere it is exhilarating. But themes and mood cannot carry a show. This season is feeling like a let down because it doesn’t focus on the relatable characters, but tries to make us be compelled and sympathise with those in power. 8.5/10


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