Review: Master of None Season 2 Episode 6 “New York, I Love You”

If this episode has been played earlier in the season I would seriously consider giving it a near-perfect score. Unfortunately, the themes it picks up on have already been thoroughly explored, and consequently this episode does seem like filler to a degree. That is not to say that a show cannot dive into themes from differing angles, but I felt the main characters could have been integrated more to provide humour that was lacking. However, regardless, the subjects presented here are gloriously compelling, providing a perspective on New York many people never seen, with characters that were instantly relatable. Instead of simply centring upon familiar spaces, this episode utilises environments and concepts that are unknown and intimate, raising the emotional capacity and making the viewer consider similar notions in their own backyard. It’s a masterfully directed piece of television, yet I still wonder if it would have had greater impact earlier on. 9.2/10


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