Review: Fargo Season 3 Episode 4 “The Narrow Escape Problem”

As I have noted, I am all for the familiar tones of ‘Fargo’ and its slightly formulaic approach to crime and human nature, if the characters and narrative remain compelling. However, this episode lost a lot of my interest as the characters simply went about their business with very little plot progression. It was a revealing character for Varga and certainly played set up for trouble between Ray and Nicki, as well as Sy, but little else occurs. I enjoy the constant metaphoric aspects of the concept of a story, of course implemented here with the narration, but other than adding something ‘different’ or ‘special’ to the episode, it lacked any other great purpose. While this is certainly not a poor episode, it is actually a good one, it lacks the wit, warmth, and overall desperation of the first two seasons, meaning it just feels very ‘meh’. 8.4/10


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