Review: Better Call Saul Season 3 Episode 5 “Chicanery”

The subjective nature of speech, the truth and our experience is exposed through a myriad of compelling sequences, both in terms of visual cues, emphasised excellently by the performers, and the sensational writing. This thematic imprint provides the basis of a marvellous character comparison between Chuck and Jimmy, one that feels ready to climax (and oh boy it does), yet still continually evolving. The way we word the truth is highlighted here as the way we live our lives. Chuck relies upon illusion, manipulating his speech and actions as a piece of theatre with desirable outcomes. Jimmy instead remains himself, enduring his flaws and strengths to the end. This delicate focus, never breaking to move to Mike or Gus, becomes heart-breaking at the end. For all the confrontations between Chuck and Jimmy, it is the one within a courtroom’s formal structure that feels the most explosive. Chuck’s regulated, conformed life, where he holds onto his lies and deceit, is thrown onto the courtroom’s stage. It is a glorious moment, one that holds attention and never lets go, capitalising upon two and a half seasons of build up. Ultimately, ‘Better Call Saul’ remains TV’s premier character drama, and this episode proves that. 10/10


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