Review: Sense8 Season 2 Episode 5 “Fear Never Fixed Anything”

‘Sense8’ implements a lighter, more cartoonish and humorous tone throughout a number of sequences in this episode, a nice change from the intense emotion of the last. However, while it makes some of the individual plots more relatable, it clashes with the greater philosophical discussions and the episodic formula remains. That is not to say a lighter toned show cannot promote these sort of thematic ideas, but it certainly contrasts here with the high stakes. Regardless, the ending is incredibly well-directed and feels detrimental to the overall narrative, rather than simply being a tease or a dead-end cliffhanger that doesn’t really change the game like some episodes have had. One could argue the ideas of collectivism and the human condition do get rather preachy, as the writing is pretty forward, but the overall impression is certainly defiant and exciting. 8.4/10




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