Review: Riverdale Season 1 Episode 12 “Chapter Twelve: Anatomy of a Murder”

‘Riverdale’s’ self awareness has been evident throughout its premiere season, as the writers expressed their criticisms and praise of pop culture and the teen soap genre. So for the reveal of the killer to be who it is makes a lot of sense. It may not have a moment of extreme shock or awe, but as a commentary on the audience’s over indulgence in speculation and attempting to be a step forward of the show at all times, its rather brilliant. Without giving much away, the reveal proves itself beyond fan hype, assuring a logical character is behind the deed. This episode certainly draws the reveal out, taking its time to showcase the final piece of evidence, but the spectacle created, thanks to an array of technical feats and superb performances (especially from Cole Sprouse), is undeniably effective. From the slow-mos to the lighting, the elegance of ‘Riverdale’s’ voice is stellar; a flawed, yet still marvellous episode. 9.3/10


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