Review: Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 19 “Misalliance”

‘Designated Survivor’s’ tonal issues have been hanging around for a few episodes now as the obvious need to increase tension before the finale is challenged by Kirkman’s growing ability and mastering of political action. The two do not go hand in hand and is exemplified by this episode’s crisis of the week which is important, sure, but nowhere near as involving or compelling as the wider conspiracy or previous episodic plotlines. Again though, character is treated extremely well, with Hookstraten’s manoeuvres coming about nicely, but there is little in this episode to draw sustained engagement. I also really detest the way the conspiracy is turning out. The larger villain is a caricature of Donald Trump and a predictable way for it to all end. It makes the previous episodes less complex and seemingly more straightforward. 6.9/10


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