Review: Better Call Saul Season 3 Episode 4 “Sabrosito”

It is interesting examining the main characters of this show in terms of composure. From Kim to Chuck to Mike to Gus, these character all typically present themselves as isolated from emotion and attempting to conduct themselves point by point and day by day. Analysing that point in regard to Jimmy, we can see the ultimate effect this case with his brother has had. It has deeply affected him to the point where this episode still features his usual cheekiness and flirtation with morals and the law, but it’s more restrained, represented in Odenkirks performance, highlighting the pressure he is under. However, while the character studies this show presents continue to be of an exemplary standard, I am not gunning for the three way split structure. ‘Better Call Saul’ already has an issue keeping balance between Jimmy and Mike, and though I’m sure this episode’s focus upon Fring is not going to become the norm, I hope Jimmy is not further pushed to the side. I don’t want ‘Better Call Saul’ to become obligated to setting up Breaking Bad as while I love Fring as a character his presence here is making that eventuation seem closer. 8.7/10


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