Review: The Get Down Season 1 Episode 11 “Only From Exile Can We Come Home”

This episode explores the idea that music is powerful, a language that transcends nationality, gender, perspective or status, something that unites people under a common love. The soundtrack reflects this, jumping between different genres, singers and structures to provide a range of voices symbolic of the diverse community this show takes place in. The episode as a narrative does have its contrived and lingering moments, presenting some meandering sequences that could have easily been cut down or left out. Furthermore, Mylene’s storyline is wrapped up too quickly and without much conflict at all, while the other more dramatic, more tense plots including Cruz’s get little resolution. This finale definitely calls for a second season, though whether it will get that I am unsure. The Get Down’s second part succeeded in presenting a greater vision, but the plots often relied too heavily on sweeping, illogical turns. This finale did little to change that, but it will leave viewers on an emotional, intrigued note. 8/10


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