Review: Feud Season 1 Episode 8 “You Mean All This Time We Could Have Been Friends?”

Personally, masterpieces always have their faults and the question of what faults one has is dependent on who is being asked. This episode of ‘Feud’ presents Joan with a space I do wish had been more evenly shared with Bette, because as the show promotes, the similarities between the women are clear, upsetting and brutal. But regardless, this is a special episode of television. The idea that someone can be through so much hardship, misery, joy, work, vendetta, happiness and everything else and simply drift away is a haunting concept. This episode’s discussion of legacy, the people we leave behind and the impression we make is absolutely devastating. It relies upon the season’s strong character work, but in itself succeeds in representing the domesticated life many people face following success. Both Joan and Bette are scared of the life in front of them, and while attempting to confront it, are constantly trying to reclaim the glory of yesteryear. The circular structure of the episode, as well as the changing timeframes, are symbolic of this state of life, and our desire to be both old and young. The cast delivers an excellent performance, with Sarandon superbly capturing the ending’s honest toast to Joan. However, this is Jessica Lange at a career best. She has to move between so many eras, emotions and mindsets and does so with ease. From Lange, to Sarandon, to Murphy, this has been a powerful gift. 10/10


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