Review: The Get Down Season 1 Episode 10 “Gamble Everything”

The circus metaphor extends out of the main club featured in this episode, past the multi-layered storylines and into the episode’s structure. It is a mess, a lot of it is extremely contrived, the pace is all over the place, and its incredibly melodramatic, but the atmosphere created is electric. There is a sense of unburdening and liberty expressed throughout, depicted in the production design and stylisation that engages and keeps the rhythm. However, unfortunately, there are points where this gloss can’t hide the emptiness and illogical nature below. The best example is the central song, which simply goes too far in proving a point, is completely off balance with everything we know of Mylene (even considering her ambition and drive) and doesn’t even sound like it comes from the time period. It is a lot of fun but ultimately its slightly tragic and forced. 7.2/10


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