Review: American Crime Season 3 Episode 7 “Episode 7”

The intensity of emotion and dramatic action in this episode is clear; running through each storyline as pressures, internal and external, mount. The show has taken its time, but in terms of narrative, each of these conflict seem logically proven. However, as this season has struggled, its characters simply lack foundations. A lot of the suspense and tragedy feels empty, as in it makes perfect sense, but I cannot connect to an extent I would like to. Gabrielle’s storyline comes to closet due to its thematic concepts, but the others seem like they should be positioned mid-season, with episodes worth of development to come. Instead we only have one more episode. It’s the consequences of a multi-narrative format with lingering storylines that cannot get the depth they deserve. I am excited however to see what the show comes up with to round it off. 8/10


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