Review: The Get Down Season 1 Episode 9 “One by One, Into the Dark”

Due to the culture of this show and the era it is set within, drugs have an inherent place. But up until this point in the series they have always been a side-show, the mere representation of a darker underground. While I am not sure this episode’s final sequence makes up for the cartoonish crime scenarios we have been delivered, it does pose an actual threat to the crew, and certainly one more likely to have consequence than the end of the previous episode. The danger of liberty and freedom works as a great counterpoint to the idea of going out on one’s own and not simply being passive and submissive. The writing shows some nuance and though it is all slightly predictable, the show finally seems to be balancing theme, culture and narrative. I just hope this remains the focus of the show, not the silly fantasy romances that become repetitive and inconsequential. 8.1/10



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