Review: Fargo Season 3 Episode 1 “The Law of Vacant Places”

Truth is wrapped within perception, position and status. It is the concept Fargo was built upon and continues to apply. While the sense of familiarity here may annoy some, familiarity, assumption and a belief of knowing is in itself one filter through which truth is produced; the creation of a story. The central murder and overarching crime within this episode is similar to previous seasons, but the audience’s expectations will hopefully receive a jolt.  Hawley’s construction of background context is alluring, with characters that are instantly intriguing, unique and compelling. The dark underline is brought by the breath-taking David Thewlis, balanced with the right ounce of black comedy. Furthermore, this episode features a fascinating double performance by Ewan McGregor, and some of the most beautiful cinematography one may witness. It’s a tantalising return for the show, but one that very much depends on Hawley’s ability to take a risk in the coming episodes. 9.4/10


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