Review: Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 17 “The Ninth Seat”

‘Designated Survivor’ exists in an odd construct between reality and fantasy, attempting to tackle complex issues in a logical, understandable way, but often not considering the real implications or explanations behind them. It is this simplicity that ultimately hurts the good intentions of this episode and the wider message. From the Supreme Court selection to Abe’s story, everything feels slightly contrived, simplified or dumbed down for the mainstream audience. Things simply happen to make a thematic or narrative point, then everything moves on. The narrative progresses but it doesn’t feel earned. It is great to see the show move forward quickly with the conspiracy, which became even more addictive and intriguing here, but it is just a shame the show does cut some corners to get to these results. I also fear some of the public response to the cliché Republican characters and actions here. 7.3/10


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