Review: Feud Season 1 Episode 7 “Abandoned!”

Though the camp and melodrama may escalate slightly too far, especially near the end, this episode provides extraordinary material for a powerful performance by Jessica Lange. Lange captures Crawford’s inner conflict between loneliness, vindictiveness and a lack of morality, making the figure both sympathetic and cruel. It’s a difficult task but Lange and the writers achieve it excellently, while Bette Davis is shown as a woman desiring control. This provides a nice comparison to Crawford’s attempt at having power of the central film, but unlike with Crawford who is shown to have ease throughout her life, Davis has always longed for beauty, something she cannot control. Bette trying to manipulate the wedding is slightly on the nose and contrived, but the overall purpose of the episode comes across, I just hope the show can conclude itself well within one more episode. 8.6/10


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