Review: Better Call Saul Season 3 Episode 2 “Witness”

Drenched in symbolism highlighting the potential downfall of Jimmy within a world of detail, conformity and limitations, ‘Better Call Saul’ excels in its presentation of characters. Jimmy always has his eyes on progression, getting to the next point, contrasted beautifully with Chuck, Kim and Mike. He unravels the tape, restricting himself due to the impression Chuck leaves, before ripping it off, a symbolic representation of not only his hurt and anger, but representative of Jimmy not letting himself be shut down. There is an absolute beauty to this action, supported by humour authentic to the real Jimmy, and exquisite direction by Vince Gilligan. Bob Odenkirk captures the emotional magnitude of the entire episode but especially the final sequence, a riveting explosion of hope, a desire of respect, and what he considers hard work. If it wasn’t for the continued structural division between Mike and Jimmy’s episode (which to be fair, is signalled to resolve soon), this would be a perfect episode of television. 9.8/10


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