Review: The Get Down Season 1 Episode 8 “The Beat Says, This is the Way”

Featuring its strongest overarching thematic debate yet, this episode of ‘The Get Down’ shines light on how ambitious teenagers can be taken advantage of through multiple different perspectives. From the music industry’s commercial, sexual focus manipulating Mylene, to Shaolin’s jealousy of Zeke, to Mylene’s father’s promotion of religion, theres a common thread of administrations and authority figures trying to stomp out those trying to get ahead in the world. It works exceptionally well as a comment on the era, and certainly the best piece of dialogue this show has put forth. In terms of narrative, a lot of this episode is predictable, especially the ending and fallout of Shaolin’s involvement in Zeke’s future, and keeping the Get Down brothers a part for so long hurts the shows pace, but technically, the cinematography, aesthetic and editing is superb. Easily the show’s most memorable and thought-provoking episode, things are looking up for ‘The Get Down’. 8.7/10


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