Review: Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 16 “Party Lines”

With a greater focus on politics than in crafting tension and suspense, confirming votes may not be the most compelling or exciting television, but the point it gets to is both surprisingly effective and fitting for this show. ‘Designated Survivor’ has always highlighted that we shouldn’t make assumptions someones attitudes, continuously promoting how Kirkman is written off by some, only to show off his skill and ability. This episode emphasises that, arguing that we should seperate the political beliefs of a person from those they associate themselves with. While the means it gets to this thematic statement may be rather simplistic and lacking the gritty political nuance of say ‘House of Cards’, this episode deals with an optimistic perspective in a more grounded, and more intriguing manner, highlighting that not all politicians are defined by their party. 8.9/10


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