Review: Better Call Saul Season 3 Episode 1 “Mabel”

Jimmy painting over the rainbow is symbolic of this episode’s main point: Jimmy is starting to feel the pressure, emerging from an illusion of calmness as the accumulation of a series of misdeeds mounts up. He tries to learn from his careless considerations but as the opening shows, Jimmy can’t contain Jimmy and at one point or another, that patience is going to run out. It is an enthralling character study as Vince Gilligan excellently delivers the concept of methodical actions versus the careless ones that get the results done quicker. Mike’s systematic approach garners results because he doesn’t just rip the tape off, he understands what lays beneath, the layers to the backyard, the possible gems beneath the surface. Mike’s storyline may feel fractured from the rest, but thematically it makes sense. More could have happened in this episode to raise the narrative tension, but as far as character goes, Gilligan has it locked down. 9.3/10


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