Review: The Get Down Season 1 Episode 7 “Unfold Your Own Myth”

While the show is incredibly fractured, attempting to discuss too many societal issues at once as well as delivering context to such communal problems, this episode puts the focus on the music to create an energetic, vibrant display of colour, conflict and love. It does get rather cartoonish, and some of the relationship developments are both hypocritical and predictable, but for what it is, it is enjoyable enough. The writing does feature heavy exposition, but its sense of culture promotes the ideals of music in bringing people together, while exploring the unintended negative consequences of this, especially determined to highlight the tragedy of stardom upon others. It’s overly melodramatic, overly stuffed main narratives may push the viewer around too much, but the music creates a constant sense of atmosphere, which the show should recognise. 7.8/10


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