Review: Riverdale Season 1 Episode 9 “Chapter Nine: La Grande Illusion”

While a lot occurs in this episode of ‘Riverdale’, much of it is simply set-up or to reinforce character features. For example, this episode portrays Veronica extremely well, with her  sense of duty, concern and attempt at handling too much. But her storylines seems very manufactured from the perspective that it seems installed simply to raise a moral dilemma within her over how to testify at her father’s trial. It succeeds wildly, but I wish the writers had made this conundrum more central to the main characters, rather than just with Ethel; that is unless Ethel and her family gain a greater role going forward. Similarly, Archie’s naivety and lack of understanding of the Blossom’s manipulations was true to his character, and though again that felt simply constructed to push Cheryl further to the outside, it was an enjoyable enough ride. For ‘Riverdale’ to truly succeed it is going to need to make its plots more serialised and linking back to the greater mystery, because regardless of how good this episode understands the characters and the cinematography and production design are absolutely gorgeous, it does feel like we are at a stand still. 7.7/10


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