Review: Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 15 “One Hundred Days”

Tom Kirkman in many ways has always represented the straight-talking, nice guy; a man of reputable values who comes into a position that requires him to make tough decisions. While this characterisation may sound basic, ‘Designated Survivor’ has consistently done a great job in pushing the character, making him complex, compelling and not simply a cardboard cut-out. However, though this episode continues with his strong moral standpoints, the situations Kirkman finds himself in and the way the director frames reaction and public opinion, verges on being cringe-worthy. It feels as if the public and the press suddenly forgot about the man’s flaws, or their duty to not simply kneel down before him, with Kirkman’s team glaring with righteousness . This episode developed as if it was manufactured simply to present the writer’s political agenda and promote it with an optimistic reception. It felt wrong and lacked the nuance that this show very often provides. Furthermore, Hannah’s story progressed incredibly predictably, only ever accelerating with some melodramatic, contrived events. Overall, this is amongst ‘Designated Survivor’s’ weakest, falling into a very safe zone, as if it was afraid to take risk and challenge norms. 7.3/10


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