Review: American Crime Season 3 Episode 4 “Episode 4”

This season of American Crime has purpose, but unfortunately its purpose is overriding character and story, diluting emotion and making the show seem extremely manufactured and forced. From Coy simply acting as a representation of Teo in the current day, and his relationship with Isaac, to Shay’s storyline acting to influence Kimara’s desire for a baby, it feels like the writers began with ideas and a social commentary and have tried to work the narrative around it. Consequently, these plots feel empty, have little lasting impact, and are neither compelling nor all that important to the overall show. At this point, they are simply linked by small threads of theme, and if one wanted to, they could take an individual plot out and the rest of the show would make sense. In that same regard however, the show is overcrowded with stories, with the writers introducing another here, possibly understanding that the currents ones lack depth or connection, yet unfortunately it too is allocated very brief explanations and broad ideals. 6.7/10


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