Review: Feud Season 1 Episode 4 “More, or Less”

With one of the most intricate and balanced insights into old Hollywood business and how success doesn’t make someone a star, ‘Feud’ provides an excellently directed, fascinating episode emboldened by smart thematic choices and superb performances. Though it does go a little too ‘feminist’, and acts quite retrospectively, this episode deals with the challenge of being a woman in Hollywood, creating a stunning comparison of the journeys of Bette and Joan, and that though these paths are going different places, they are both restricted by the characteristics Bette and Joan share, their age and gender. Its well paced with the right amount of camp to emphasise the lighter moments for both actresses. It is also interesting to see how fast this show is progressing through its material, showcasing that ‘Feud’ really is about the larger role of women in Hollywood and their feud with traditional perspectives, rather than simply about Bette and Joan in a single film. 9.3/10


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