Review: The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 16 “The First Day of the Rest of Your Life”

Many of this episode’s problems stem out of the developments of previous episodes as well as their clear omissions. From the twist regarding the ‘trash people’, to the contrived nature of all groups arriving at Alexandria at once, to the lack of clarity and tediousness with Eugene, all these aspects suffer from underdevelopment and poor pacing. They either don’t make sense from what we know about the characters and their roles, or they just don’t have an impact because we simply do not care. In saying this however, this was the best episode of the series in a long due to the increased pace it found in the second half. This new era of The Walking Dead fails abysmally with character development so to see it lean heavily on action after spending an annoying amount of time re-setting everything up again was exciting, especially with great direction and the chance to see Negan on the back foot. The Walking Dead created the right emotions in this episode, and though it could have put greater emphasis on the main death, there was a renewed sense of momentum here. You have to identify its awful, clear flaws, but you also have to respect what it gets right. 7.7/10


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