Review: Riverdale Season 1 Episode 8 “Chapter Eight: The Outsiders”

A lot of plot progression occurs throughout this episode, but unfortunately little relates to the most compelling aspect of the series, the murder mystery. While its fair to say that the show needs to deal with more immediate situations, it shouldn’t completely forget this central plot as it just sticks out as an elephant in the room, especially when the show gives so much focus to Polly and Jason. Furthermore, a lot of these storylines feel very contrived, pushed forward by plot mechanisms that you can see miles away rather than organic developments. Archie’s narrative is becoming unbearable. Not only is the character making stupid, illogical, and confusing decisions but they way he treats other characters is becoming increasingly inconsistent. The reveal about Jughead’s father felt deliberately set up by Archie visiting that bar, as if that was the only point, to use the bar as a plot mechanism towards the reveal. It’s heavily manufactured, and for a show with such gorgeous, visuals that seems ambitious with high production values, this writing is missing that same complexity. 7.2/10


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