Review: Grace and Frankie Season 3 Episode 13 “The Sign”

Unfortunately, the finale of ‘Grace and Frankie’ lacks the conflict, emotional intensity or relationship focus that makes this series so enticing and beautiful. Instead, it attempts to tie up too many loose ends and therefore each feels underwhelming. From the business, to Frankie’s decision and health, to Robert and Sol’s protest, each of these are exceptional thematically and in terms of reflecting character, but they are underdeveloped, all fighting for time. The way the finale ends is also too ‘sweet’, a rather predictable and harmonious ending, not capitalising on the tension and dynamics created. Nothing here is bad, it is actually all quite good, but it just doesn’t feel like a finale. Finales do not have to have cliffhangers, or melodrama, or massive twists, but they should feel like a worthy accumulation of a season’s worth of development and sadly, this does not. 7.5/10


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