Review: The Discovery

Source: Variety

‘The Discovery’ is extremely direct, going full throttle with some incredibly heavy themes and philosophical, and slightly pataphysical, ideas. At points throughout this film, the themes of the need to rationalise the unknown, the consequence of truth, human curiosity and the extent of love are exceptionally well handled. The writing weaves them throughout dialogue, making them central not just to key plot points, but to even the most insignificant conversations. These ideas and the film’s overall premise will push the viewer forward, as multiple twists induce the audience into their own state of curiosity and skepticism. However, the film never makes well on this ambition, making large leaps in character to keep the plot progressing, while eventually the film finds itself in an uneasy position between being a love story and science fiction. In doing one, it forgets the other and the ending’s attempt bringing these two concepts together ultimately ends up underwhelming. Overall, ‘The Discovery’ is an enthralling ride, with excellent cinematography and brilliant settings that are significant to the larger ideas, however, it simply cannot do good on the promises it makes, resorting to inconsistent choices that dilute the film’s initial power and impact. 3.5/5


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