Review: Legion Season 1 Episode 8 “Chapter 8”

A visual masterpiece, this finale of ‘Legion’ never strays hopelessly into ambiguity but presents its brilliant thematic ideas with strong (though sometimes on the nose) dialogue and character dynamics, especially in the relationship between David and Syd. With Dan Stevens giving an exceptional performance, capturing his characters self-confidence, painful conflict with the Shadow King and attempts at rationalising his psychology, this episode feels defiant and powerful. The superb direction delivers the action in a detailed, slowed fashion that emphasises the importance and hype of breaking free, but retains energy and tension. It becomes a symphony of comic-book imagery, absurdism and the shows own distinct style. The ending may conform to the formula of long-form serialised narrative in a way the show hasn’t before, and there wasn’t the physical fallout or tragedy I expected, but ‘Legion’ deserves a tonne of respect for the ambitious ideas it successfully executed. 9.6/10


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