Review: Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 15 “Commander-in-Chief”

After a series of tense, plot-heavy, and thrilling episodes, ‘Designated Survivor’ slows down to reaffirm President Kirkman’s attitude and morality. How necessary that was is debatable, as I would argue even amongst the last few episodes, Kirkman’s moral compass has always been in full show. But the writing makes such moments flow extremely well and never feel forced. Its purpose is clear but the dialogue seems organic and never pulls the pace down. President Moss definitely has an agenda, and his nice-guy approach when introduced was certainly meant to put the viewer of his expected deception. It didn’t quite work, but giving Kirkman a worthy equal to bounce ideas off will be revealing, as up to this point he really hasn’t had someone with a similar superiority. The central mystery went through some interesting notions, and though it was mostly set-up, the few twists were exciting and further cemented the show’s conspiracies. 8.4/10


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