Review: Grace and Frankie Season 3 Episode 9 “The Apology”

After an intense few episodes, this entry takes a break from the relationship development between Grace and Frankie and instead allows them time with the other important people in their lives. While Frankie and Jacob’s relationship has never been truly compelling, mostly because Jacob too simple of a character, it was nice seeing Frankie treated as an equal, with Jacob realising her unique attitude and persona but always supporting her and never making fun of her behaviour. However, Jacob’s reveal in this episode doesn’t really create much concern or tension, as the audience knows Frankie will not go along with. Grace’s storyline plodded along at a nice rate, but it too was never as exciting nor as intellectually engaging as it could have been. The examination of how people deal with the death of loved one was somewhat discussed, but overall, this felt like a rather underwhelming episode, showing that the relationship between Grace and Frankie truly is the centre of this show. 7.6/10


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