Review: Grace and Frankie Season 3 Episode 10 “The Labels”

There is a lot going on here as ‘Grace and Frankie’ sets itself towards the finishing line. Some of the storylines feel too rushed, trying to reach a conclusion or overall thematic point, but lacking the development or foundation to be consequential and meaningul. Bud and Coyote are both extremely significant and interesting when they are involved with their parents, but individually their storylines just don’t have the humour, uniqueness or complexity to warrant such a focus. The main narrative regarding the business has its highs and lows, as again it presents another humorous look at Frankie’s take on business and organisation skills in regard to Graces. But it seems to be getting rather formulaic, with slow developments then a turning point always happening at the end of the episode. This fractures the season, and with this episode quickly twisting to an extremely emotional conversation between Frankie and Grace, the business plot gets forgotten about. 7.4/10