Review: Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 13 “Dragon Plays With Fire”

In an all round disappointing finale, ‘Iron Fist’ it had very little understanding of its protagonist, lore and mythology, by quickly rushing into a discussion of who the Iron is meant to be without ever informing us of who Rand is. This was especially clear at the end, as what should have been an emotional, turning point had very little impact or importance to the viewer. The episode also mostly forgot about The Hand, seeming like it will leave that until The Defenders, and focussed on the conflict between Harold and Danny. Harold began the season with interesting ideas and a unique set of charismatic skills, but here he simply became a generic boardroom, corporate baddie. The influence upon his relationship with Ward was somewhat intriguing, but never went anywhere unexpected while the action felt drawn out and never excited. This finale really cemented ‘Iron Fist’ as easily the worst of Marvel’s Netflix shows, and possible the worst show of 2017 so far. 5.3/10


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