Review: Grace and Frankie Season 3 Episode 8 “The Alert”

One of my few complaints with ‘Grace and Frankie’ is how the writers often treat Frankie. While Frankie’s youthful, energetic, random and spontaneous attitude is certainly a part of her character, often I feel she is turned into a child, made to be talked down to and to act juvenile. Watching this episode however, it became clear that this represents how people often treat the elderly and simply what it means to be old. Unlike Grace who has a background in business, Frankie is going in fresh and her behaviour is like that of a child opening a present. But that’s all people see and therefore that is how they treat her. It is an incredibly potent discussion, and there are traces of it across the episode, especially with Sol’s perspective of what retirement means to him. I would like to see Grace talk down to Frankie less, considering Grace knows the hidden complexities of Frankie, but that is also a part of Grace’s character. It was also exciting in this episode to finally get some development with the business, and seeing it move ahead, even with a few speed bumps gives the characters meatier plot to work with. Finally, while I like what Brianna’s storyline is saying about her character and making her vulnerable, it certainly cannot compare to the others. 8.7/10


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