Review: The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 15 “Something They Need”

With only one episode left in its seventh season, this penultimate episode should have created tension, raised excitement and generally just made audiences engage with the long-form narrative. Instead, it spent half of its time working on storylines where nothing really happened, other than reinforcing Negan’s rule (for the hundredth time), showing Gregory’s lack of capability¬†(again, not the first time that has been shown, and Gregory has so little consequence that he doesn’t register this far in) and attempting to make the audience be concerned for the characters when we all know they won’t die with one episode to go. The other half focussed on Rick and co. trying to take over the seaside village. It plays pretty predictably with a few well-directed action beats, but overall it was still extremely underwhelming. Luckily it isn’t drawn out, but still, ‘The Walking Dead’ continues to fail to provide compelling material. 5.8/10


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