Review: Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 12 “Bar The Big Boss”

This episode does what should have occurred more entries ago and brought all the main characters into central conflict. While the Meachums remain mostly standard bad guys, with their own nefarious plots and family dynamics, having all three within the main plot meant audiences didn’t have to waste their time with so many storylines. Unfortunately, Bakuto simply is not unique, charismatic, distinctive or menacing enough to be the player driving this conflict. While the action sequences he produces with Colleen and Danny are by far the best this series has delivered, with superb choreography, direction and cinematography and the actors dedicating themselves to the performance, in every other sense he simply feels like a glorified henchman. This episode signals that this show could have been so much more, highlighting the instant momentum created as all the characters came together, excellent action and ending with the first time I have liked Rand and Wing together. However, there was  too many loose parts and ultimately the filler in between still made this a tedious entry. 6.7/10


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