Review: American Crime Season 3 Episode 3 “Episode 3”

Though this episode provides a few, subtle links that connect the show’s varying storylines, they still feel too isolated from each other. This would be fine if the characters within these incredibly contained stories were compelling, but unfortunately most are not. While Luis’s desperate journey to find his son is extremely emotional, with Benito Martinez providing a stellar performance, no other character feels fleshed out yet. They either conform to simply being examples of themes, such as Shay and Coy representing how people often become trapped in cycles or Jeanette being the moral character trying to shine light on an issue or they act as cardboard cut-outs, simple mechanisms to push an idea. These ideas are very interesting, and the show’s ambition in telling such a large, potent story has to be admired, especially considering the current political context, but until ‘American Crime’ can make me feel anything for the characters or the plight they are in, this subject feels like it is being wasted. 6.9/10


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