Review: Grace and Frankie Season 3 Episode 7 “The Floor”

Mid-way through their runs, television shows will often try to break from their usual developments for more contained, character driven stories. As it occurs here, with Grace and Frankie spending the majority of the episode on the floor, these narratives will restrict the dependency of the characters. While it may work for other shows, I am not sure it works here. Considering how character focussed ‘Grace and Frankie’ is already, this felt slightly repetitive and nothing new was particularly revealed. There was a nice conversation about older people not giving up on adrenaline and feeling they can accomplish tasks, but it seemed to be a rehash of earlier themes. The director does a great job with experimenting with different shots to make the setting interesting and the episode does pull the characters back together, but overall it felt very muted and insignificant. While I am a supporter of giving other characters their own storylines, especially Robert and Sol, this episode also felt rather formulaic for them, with Robert hiding something from Sol, only for Sol to later find out. Though this was one of the show’s less successful episodes, the acting is still brilliant and the humour remains energetic. 7.3/10


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