Review: Grace and Frankie Season 3 Episode 6 “The Pot”

Having a large ensemble cast, ‘Grace and Frankie’ draws focus to the titular characters’ wider families and highlights how individual disagreements and fights can influence these relationships. While the show continues to provide fantastic, balanced critical discussions regarding each of the protagonists ways of handling conflict, attempting to never vilify one, seeing Grace and Frankie fight felt repetitive from earlier seasons. This show was built on the premise of clashing personalities, but it has since developed from this, where their personalities are still in conflict but the characters are able to work together and use their unique perspectives to create progress. Going back to full on fighting felt like a step back for the show. It also didn’t help that Bud was incredibly inconsistent in regard to earlier episodes. The character’s lack of care, ignorance and obsession over his girlfriend was more than unlikable and didn’t seem in character. 7.2/10


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