Review: The Path Season 2 Episode 10 “Restitution”

Catharsis is often presented in literature as a means of exposition, to showcase the character’s feelings to the audience in a bold manner. This episode of ‘The Path’ deals with emotional release in such a bold way, but it never feels obvious, contrived or forced. Instead it is central to the narrative and supported by excellent writing that portrays the subject as significant to who the characters are. The central sequence where the Lane family is confronted by the past is superbly directed, written and performed, highlighting how the characters deal with coming to face with things they have tried to forget. The tragic element of this is mirrored in Hawk’s and Ashleigh’s relationship, which the show depicts, in a not very subtle way, as unfortunate and unlikely to end well. Furthermore, Eddie struggles to commit to his plan, holding onto his love for Sarah and believing in her love for him. The difficulty he has with this release represents how he never truly was a Meyerist, unable to dedicate himself to such personal liberation. This running theme is beautifully woven throughout, and though there is the constant feeling that something is about to happen, which is becoming tiresome, this is an excellent episode. 9.5/10


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