Review: Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 11 “Lead House Back to Stable”

Working very much as a set-up episode, trying to pull the differing storylines together, ‘Iron Fist’ once again fails to be exciting, inspiring or even engaging. The writers attempt to create a sort of ‘forbidden romance’ between Colleen and Danny, having the pair appear staunch and stubborn about their respective ties, but due to how repetitive, weak and plodding the writing is, this relationships goes back and forth with little resolution. The tie-in to Daredevil was nice, but the episode’s lack of action and interesting character developments means there is little else to enjoy. Colleen continues to be simply annoying, representing the ‘blind to villainy’ cliche, while Claire has little purpose other than to help Danny recover. With heavy exposition, once again emphasising the show’s lack of ‘show don’t tell’, and the overall sense of being tired, this episode is meandering and downright boring. 4.2/10


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