Review: Grace and Frankie Season 3 Episode 5 “The Gun”

Admittedly, I am not the biggest fan of comedy television. Key to this is the fact that I love serialised television where consequence is not left to only the last few episodes of a season. Contemporary comedy seems to have realised audience’s love for serialisation, and shows like Grace and Frankie have found a great balance between episodic and season long storylines. This episode proves that, with real consequence from the ending of the last episode, and beautifully written individual moments that stand by themselves, like the brilliant sequence between Robert and his mother. While this scene also drew on the themes of last episode, developing them far better than there, it felt powerful in its own right, with a fantastic performance from Martin Sheen. His performance, alongside the writing and direction, presented the theme of being one’s self and gaining acceptance as universal, and that it can happen at any age. This, coupled with Mallory’s fear about having nothing to look forward to in life, created a thought-provoking commentary on life’s surprises. While it will be interesting to see how Grace and Frankie’s fight progresses, I hope the writers find a balance between their victimisation of Frankie and being critical of her slight selfishness and ignorance of other opinions. Finding the equilibrium between these will allow the character to flourish, rather than only being defined by her juvenile behaviour, or her purposful blindness to others. 8.5/10


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