Review: Legion Season 1 Episode 7 “Chapter 7”

The vividly unique and impressive style of ‘Legion’ has always been clear, with its stellar cinematography that creates the overwhelming sense of a nightmare and paranoia. This episode, however, takes it to another level with the beautifully directed and overall stunning silent film sequence. One may argue that the stylisation of the scene lacks narrative reasoning and is simply motivated by the show’s wish to subvert comic book standards, but its impact is immeasurable, with Aubrey Plaza giving another excellent performance as the creepy, horror show Lenny. The ramifications of this entire episode is scary, as coming to the realisation that this is all occurring in David’s mind, representative of so many themes including mental illness, delusion, confusion and the unsettling feeling on not being happy in one’s body, is a petrifying thought. The exposition throughout this episode may be a little heavy and slightly straight-forward for this show, but it is certainly necessary and elevates the seriousness of what is happening, while also clarifying some character moments. There are some elements that feel convenient or contrived, like the ending, but ‘Legion’ and its masterful grasp on human mentality is a wondrous ride. 9.4/10


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