Review: Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 10 “Black Tiger Steals Heart”

Giving a character an emotional, defining and sophisticated back story is often extremely helpful. It helps to provide reason to their mentality, perspectives and troubles but it also can give them focus and direction. This episode draws upon the back stories of both Danny and Harold, but unfortunately neither register. Harold’s use of a back story to try win back Joy is cliched and annoying. The writing is struggles to clarify significance and there is little crossover from the thematic ideas of the story Harold tells to his current situation. The Meachums as a family, and as individual characters, feel totally redundant. They serve little purpose other than to prop up the Rand business, which isn’t exactly compelling. Danny Rand on the other hand has zero focus at all, with his storyline twirling around supposedly ‘twisty’ moments that are actually super predictable, with Rand both naive, gullible and unbelievable. Jone’s portrayal of the character is inconsistent, and even though this episode features the show’s best action sequences yet, I simply don’t care about Rand or the physical and emotional conflict he faces. I appreciate the writers are trying to show him as torn between the world he grew up in and this new world, but it simply isn’t working due to the under development of the character. It is becoming more and more obvious that if we had seen the mythical home of the Iron Fist, his duties would be more effective. 5.5/10


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