Review: Grace and Frankie Season 3 Episode 3 “The Focus Group”

Talking about sexuality is never a comfortable subject and this episode proves that while age can make some things more accepted and accustomed to, sexuality is not one of them. Instead of backing away from the subject however, this episode attempts to showcase that sometimes the best friendships are built on the ease of talking about the most difficult subjects. The way the writing presents the difficulty of appealing to the ‘focus group’ in contrast to the way Grace and Frankie interact with each other displays the greater complexity of their relationship. While Grace has incredibly traditional morals and sense of business, Frankie has opened her up to new opportunities and perspectives. The tough subject does result in some great humour (though this isn’t maintained throughout the episode like previous entries) and it is great to see Robert and Sol gain their own direction, and not fall into clichés. The universality of this show’s themes continues to make it have broad appeal, and with Tomlin and Fonda’s energetic performances, it remains an enlightening, exciting experience. 8.7/10