Review: Grace and Frankie Season 3 Episode 2 “The Incubator”

The best comedies will have the audiences on the floor laughing as well as warmed and comforted by the character’s actions and arcs. This episode achieves both in spades. The humour is excellent, further developing Grace and Frankie’s differing ways of handling business and conflict, while placing them, and their ex-husbands, in youthful environments. Frankie’s spry, distracted, gleeful attitude allows her to easily fit in and potentially make some progress for the business, yet Grace doesn’t see it as professional or representative of her traditional ideals. The inspired discussion that grows from these characters highlights this show’s brilliant ability at targeting a specific, older audience, but making the themes resonate with many. While the writing does make Grace borderline unlikable at times, critical of and unimpressed with her ‘roommate’, and some of the conflict feels repetitive of previous seasons, this show continues to be on a roll. 9.4/10